Adrien Broner and Robert Guerrero Exchange Words on Twitter

Robert Guerrero won the interim WBC welterweight title with his unanimous decision against Selcuk Aydin on July 28, and he called out Floyd Mayweather during his post-fight interview. Boxing’s pound-for-pound king is yet to respond to Guerrero’s challenge, but the man many think will be the next Floyd Mayweather got into a Twitter war with “The Ghost.”

“You can’t deny talent,” Broner fired. “Be real with yourself before your pride gets you [expletive] up. Just look at it like this, you beat Vicente [Escobedo] clearly but I STOPPED HIM. … Let’s be real, you know I’m the man when I got 147lb guys trying to make a big fight with me cause they can’t sell they self.”

Guerrero didn’t exactly turn the other cheek, and he fired back at Adrien Broner with a few words of his own.

“I’m not trying to sell nothing! Didn’t you call me, Marquez, and Pacman out? You called the big boys out, I’m not letting it happen!” Guerrero responded. “Jump up 2 weight classes & beat the #1 contender! You’re a good lil fighter coming up, but you are a rookie! Move up to 147 where I’m at now! The big boys and let’s lock & load! You’re 10 fights young & 5 titles away!”

Broner was more imposing in his last outing, outclassing Escobedo on July 21. Guerrero looked good during the earlier rounds of his bout against Aydin, but he faded a bit during the latter rounds.

A fight between Guerrero and Broner does make a lot of sense, considering the fact “The Problem” has stated his desire to face top caliber opponents. The obvious “good guy vs. bad guy” angle makes it an easy fight to sell.

Guerrero is one of the smaller fighters in the welterweight division, and his frame is almost identical to Broner’s. He recently jumped up two divisions to face Aydin, and he might be willing to drop back down to the 135 (or 140) pound division if Broner isn’t ready to move up to the welterweight division.


Osman Rodriguez, “Adrien Broner, Robert Guerrero Go To War on Twitter

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