Amir Khan Comfortable in the Light-welterweight Division

Amir Khan (27-3-0, 19 KOs) has dealt with his share of adversity in the last 13 months, losing consecutive bouts to Lamont Peterson and Danny Garcia. The losses prompted Khan to split with long-time trainer, Freddie Roach, and the Brit now trains with Virgil Hunter.

So far, Khan seems to be getting positive results with his new trainer, and he looked solid during his last outing against Carlos Molina, handing the 27 year-old his first loss as a professional boxer.

Amir Khan — who has talked about moving up to the welterweight division in the past — couldn’t be any happier with the way things are going under the tutelage of Hunter right now, and he plans to get back to the top of the light-welterweight division.

“It’s so easy at the moment to make light-welterweight. I was going to move up to welterweight because there was nothing left for me at light-welterweight, but now there are a few fights and titles to be won again,” Khan said per Daily Star. “I think naturally I’m not big enough to be at welterweight yet but I’ll know when the right time is to do that.”

Given the fact Khan’s questionable chin seems to be his biggest weakness at the moment, staying at the 140-pound division is clearly a smart move.

After his win against Molina, Amir Khan challenged Garcia to a rematch, which gives him extra incentive to stay in the light-welterweight division. If he isn’t able to secure a fight against Garcia, he also has the option of avenging his loss to Lamont Peterson.

Khan looked pretty good during his Dec. 15 bout against Molina, but he did have a few defensive lapses as well, letting his ego get the best of his judgment at times. Overall, Khan composed himself better than he’s done in his last few outings, but it’s obvious he still has a lot of work to do.

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