Amir Khan Searching for New Trainer, Plans to Return in December

The past year has been rough on Amir Khan, but he’s hoping to finish out 2012 on a positive note. He plans to make some changes with his training personnel, and he’s currently targeting a Dec. 15 return.

“I’ll be going to New York to speak to a few coaches and maybe bring in a mentor who can help me in defense,” Khan said during an interview with the Manchester Evening News. “I’m mainly looking at ex-fighters, Bernard Hopkins, Oscar [De La Hoya] and maybe Shane Mosley, they all want to help out and show their support.”

Khan has trained with well-respected boxing trainer, Freddie Roach, for several years, but he made it clear after his July 14 loss to Danny Garcia that he doesn’t feel like a priority at the Wild Card Boxing Gym. Obviously, Roach’s main focus has been former WBO welterweight champion Manny Pacquiao for quite some time.

Besides not getting all the attention he wants, Khan isn’t sure if Roach is the right man to help him tighten up his defense.

“If we [Amir and Pacquiao] had the defense we should have had, we would be the best fighters in the world,” Khan added. “That’s the downfall of me and Manny Pacquiao – we’re both offensively the best fighters in the world, but defensively we’re not the best.”

Even though Roach is one of the most respected trainers in boxing right now, Amir Khan makes some valid points. Defense doesn’t seem to be a staple at Roach’s gym — even though in Amir’s case, his recklessness also has a lot to do with his recent problems inside the ring.

A change of camp might be the best move for Khan right now, and there are a handful of trainers out there that can mold him into a better boxer.

Given Amir’s frame, Emanuel Steward, seems like the best man for job, considering his track record with tall, rangy boxers. The Brit could also learn a few things for Floyd Mayweather Sr.


Edward Chaykovsky, “Amir Khan Rejects Guzman Rumors, Talks New Trainer

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