Amir Khan Talks About His Decision to Train with Virgil Hunter

After suffering consecutive losses, Amir Khan (26-3-0, 18 knockouts), is trying to get his boxing career back on track. The Brit hopes his decision to start training with Virgil Hunter will move things in the right direction.

“I’ve got great offense, but I’ve never had a trainer to work on my defense,” Khan said during an interview with Sky Sports News. “I’ve always had a poor defense and I think Virgil Hunter can bring the best out of me, hopefully work on the mistakes I make. … [With Roach] the focus wasn’t there as much and we kept on doing the same things in the gym, and that is probably why a lot of fighters that I fought knew exactly what I was going to do.”

Amir Khan is currently set to face undefeated Carlos Molina (17-0-1, 7 knockouts) in December, and it does look like a good matchup for the 25 year-old on paper. Khan is a lot more experienced than Molina, and that’ll give him a significant advantage during the fight. Molina isn’t a heavy-handed puncher, so Khan won’t have to worry about getting knocked out again.

I don’t expect the fight between Molina and Khan to be competitive in any way, but I can’t really blame the Brit for taking an easy fight. He did get knocked out viciously during his last fight against Danny Garcia, and he probably isn’t ready for a serious challenge.

As far as Amir Khan is concerned, his career is far from done, and he’s hoping to get back inside the ring against recognizable opponents soon. Amir is even open to the idea of a fight against recently unretired Ricky Hatton.

“Definitely it’s a realistic fight, a fight the public want to see, a fight probably Ricky wants also,” Khan added. “We are good friends, we have been good friends for such a long time. We are in the same weight division, so you never know, it could happen in the future.”

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