Anderson Silva on Chael Sonnen: “He Deserves to Be Taught a Lesson”

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva wasn’t too happy about the promotion’s decision to change the venue of his scheduled rematch against Chael Sonnen. And it took a little convincing from UFC president Dana White to change his mind.

Instead of fighting in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 23, Anderson will now face Sonnen on July 7, on the UFC 148 fight card.

For many MMA fans – particularly Brazilians, the change of venue was certainly a big letdown, as many looked forward to Anderson Silva defending his belt in his native country.

“He deserves to be taught a lesson here, I owe this to my people,” Silva said while discussing the change of venue with White. “If it has to be like this, I will beat this guy wherever. He deserves a lesson.”

The change certainly left a bad taste in Silva’s mouth, but he doesn’t think it’ll affect his performance come fight time.

“I’m a UFC athlete. I don’t have fans only in Brazil, but worldwide,” Silva said. “Regardless of wherever this fight is, I’ll be representing Brazil. I’ll be doing my job for my fans, and nothing will really change. … I started practicing martial arts; Chael Sonnen doesn’t practice martial arts. He’s a wrestler, so he doesn’t know what martial is: respect. ”

Chael Sonnen obviously isn’t too upset about the change of venue, as it does improve his chances against “The Spider.” Instead of walking out to a 99.9 percent hostile crowd in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Sonnen will now get to fight in friendly territory on the fourth of July weekend. He continued his antics during his press-conference with Silva, and he vows to dethrone the most dominant champion in UFC history.

Regardless of how one feels about Sonnen, there is no question he has been Silva toughest test in the UFC. However, he was aided by PED’s during his UFC 117 encounter against Silva – who possibly fought with a rib injury, and I don’t like his chances regardless of the venue.

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