Anderson Silva Set on Fighting Georges St Pierre Next

MMA fans have fantasized about the possibility of a super-fight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva for quite some time.

For the first time in years, both fighters seem legitimately interested in the matchup.

GSP initially seemed reluctant to the idea, but his trainer, Firas Zahabi, indicated the welterweight champion wouldn’t mind facing Silva at a catch-weight.

“Georges St-Pierre told me he wants [to fight Anderson Silva],” Firas said during an early August appearance on ‘The MMA Hour.’ “Right now, he has to get back on the horse and fight Carlos Condit and be champion again. He needs to keep focused. … [If the Silva fight happens] ideally I’d like a catch weight. I think it’d be more fair. If you fight at a catch weight, Silva won’t be 20 pounds heavier. 177 or 178 pounds is much more fair.”

Anderson Silva has fought as low as 168 pounds, so he shouldn’t have any problems making 178 pounds.

GSP is currently scheduled to defend his title against Carlos Condit at UFC 154, but “The Spider” seems intent on facing the welterweight champion regardless of the outcome of the fight.

“Regardless of who wins and even if St-Pierre loses, a fight with me can happen,” Silva said during a conversation with “A duel is above any such thing. St-Pierre is one of the UFC’s greats; his fight against Condit is meaningless.”

Given GSP’s wrestling abilities, I wouldn’t count him out against Silva. However, “The Spider” does have a slightly bigger frame, and that’ll make it that much harder for GSP to deal with his striking. If “Rush” isn’t able to take the fight to the ground, he probably wouldn’t last very long against the middleweight champ.

Still, it’ll be a rare opportunity to watch two of the best MMA fighters in the world testing their skills against one another.

Silva will likely sit out the rest out the year, but there’s a very good chance GSP will be his next opponent. UFC president Dana White seems to be onboard as well, and if GSP doesn’t take any serious damage in his next bout, he should be ready to go again early 2013.

It definitely would be a good headliner for the UFC’s Super Bowl weekend fight card.


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