Anderson Silva Ticked Off with Ed Soares’ Behavior

UFC legend Anderson “The Spider” Silva isn’t too happy with his manager Ed Soares right now. Silva isn’t mad at his manager for his recent controversial comments regarding a future fight with Chael Sonnen though; instead the UFC’s middleweight champion is angry about the fact Soares thought it was okay to joke around with his greatest nemesis as a recent photo suggests.

“Unfortunately my manager is American, he speaks Portuguese but he is American. But I’m putting myself as a Brazilian,” Silva said on the Brazilian TV show ‘UFC Sem Limites’. “Whether you are in the UFC or not, when I’m outside my country I’m going to represent my country well and I think everyone has to position himself in the right way. His position was not good, was not cool, as a manager he needed to have a more professional attitude. He was not professional and I don’t know why… I think it was not cool. But everyone knows what’s best, he is a grown man and he is going to deal with the backlash of what he did.”

Sonnen has rubbed many MMA fans wrong with some of his statements, and it’s no secret Brazilians have often been the target of his rants. Sonnen’s comments made him such a huge villain in Brazil; the Portland native was forced to back out of cornering Yushin Okami at UFC 134.

Soares has been an outspoken critic of Sonnen, and it’s a little shocking to see the two apparently having a good time together. At this point in his career, Silva is a national hero in Brazil, and it’s easy to understand why he wouldn’t want anyone associated with him clowning around with a guy that has made some pretty controversial comments about Brazilians.

I doubt there was anything dubious going on between Soares and Sonnen, but I certainly understand why Silva isn’t happy with the photo. I’m pretty sure Sonnen is somewhere grinning from ear to ear, proud to have found another way to mess with Silva’s head.

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