Anderson Silva versus GSP superfight

When the fight between Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre finally happens, it will be the biggest fight in the history of MMA. The UFC has had big fights in the past, but none of those fights ever pitched the two best pound-for-pound fighters against each other. Both men have completely dominated their respective divisions, and are ready for bigger challenges. Luckily for MMA fans, it seems UFC executives are committed to giving fight fans exactly what they want. Recently, UFC president Dana White expressed his desire to setup the super-fight MMA fans around the world have been waiting for.

What makes the matchup between Silva and GSP so exciting for MMA fans is the fact that no one can predict the outcome of the fight. It is one of those special fights that you truly don’t know what will happen until the bell rings. For the sport of MMA, this will be the equivalent of what the Floyd Mayweather versus Oscar De la hoya fight was for boxing. Before the Chael Sonnen fight, many including myself would have given the fight to Silva. However, after watching Sonnen repeatedly take Silva down and grind him out for 4 ½ rounds, one has to wonder if GSP (arguably the best wrestler in the UFC), will be able to do the same to Silva.

Both men still have to defeat their upcoming opponents before the super fight is announced. Silva has a tough task ahead of him in fellow Brazilian Vitor Belfort, while GSP has to fight Jake Shields, a man who is currently on a 15 fight win streak. Although both fighters are the favorites for their respective fights, neither man is guaranteed victory as they are facing solid opponents, capable of pulling off the upset.

As long as the both fighters keep their part of the bargain, 2011 will probably host the biggest fight in the history of the UFC and MMA in general. Not only is the fight good for the fans, it will also attract new fans to the UFC, fans drawn in by the intense hype a fight between Silva and GSP will surely bring.

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