Andre Berto and Victor Ortiz Prepare for June 23 Showdown

Former WBC welterweight champion, Victor Ortiz, was originally scheduled to face Andre Berto for the second time on Feb. 11. But a bicep injury suffered by Berto forced the fight to be postponed. The rematch between the two is now set for June 23, and both men are ready to put on another entertaining show for boxing fans.

The first fight between Ortiz and Berto was certainly one of the most entertaining boxing matches of 2011, with both men hitting the canvas multiple times during their 12-round encounter. In the end, Ortiz was the victor, walking away with the unanimous decision.

Berto seems confident things will be different when the two meet on June 23, and he plans to avenge the only loss on his professional boxing record. He doesn’t feel his injury will affect his performance when the two square up inside the ring.

“As of right now, everything has been going good,” Berto said in an interview with “I still have been going to my rehab on a regular basis and just trying to make sure everything is right. I’ve been hitting the gym as well. Making sure [my bicep] is good and stretching it out. I got good people checking me out and looking over me so right now, it shouldn’t be a problem.”

Ortiz lost his last bout against boxing’s pound-for-pound best, Floyd Mayweather, and he’s eager to get back on the winning side of things. Ortiz is just as confident going into the rematch, and he plans to prove he’s the better boxer once and for all. Ortiz didn’t hold back during an April 17 press conference, declaring he would bring an end to Berto’s boxing career.

“I will remind you; I was a 140 pounder coming up to 147. I schooled you,” Ortiz told Berto during the press conference. “It wasn’t close at all. At all. But this fight will have the same outcome except [it will be] shorter. … I don’t really care [what Berto does], I’m there to end Berto’s career, so I’m good.”

Ortiz and Berto created an instant classic when they fought last year, and I expect more of the same when they meet in June.

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