Andre Berto Questions Victor Ortiz’ Heart

Former WBC welterweight champion Andre Berto (28-1-0) is getting ready to face Victor Ortiz (29-3-2) on Feb. 11, 2012. Ortiz handed Berto the only loss of his career, taking away his WBC belt away back in April.

Berto was so eager to avenge his loss to Ortiz, he gave up his newly won IBF welterweight title, to make the rematch happen. Berto would have been forced to face Randall Bailey next, if he didn’t give up his IBF title.

Berto wasn’t impressed with Ortiz’ performance against current WBC welterweight champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. (42-0-0) and he feels Victor’s heart is questionable.

“I was waiting for him to get up,” Berto told reporters at a recent press conference. “That’s what I’m saying. I’m saying that either he looked up and was thinking about life and said, ‘I don’t think I want to do this,’ and just stayed down, or I don’t know… I’ve never in my life seen somebody so happy to get knocked out, never, never. They stopped the fight and he’s up smiling, hugging, kissing everybody around him. I mean, you know, walking back to the dressing room laughing, smiling. At his after-party, posing up, I’m like, ‘Dude.’ I’m going to ask him some questions when he walks in here.”

Without a question, the ending of the Mayweather vs. Ortiz fight was one of the weirdest I’ve seen in a while. Mayweather did catch Ortiz flush with a quick combination while referee Joe Cortez was restarting the fight, but many did feel Ortiz could have continued to fight.

With the rematch between the two coming up in a couple of months, it’s not that surprising Berto is trying to get into his opponent’s head. Ortiz showed a lot of heart in his first fight against Berto, and I doubt the mind games will have any effect come fight time.

Skill wise, Berto and Ortiz are evenly matched, and the rematch should just be as entertaining as the first.

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