Andre Ward: “I Don’t Think You’ve Seen My Best Yet”

Undefeated Andre Ward put on a brilliant performance during his Sept. 8 fight against Chad Dawson, stopping the WBC light-heavyweight champion in the 10th round of their encounter.

Dawson actually got the better of the exchanges early in the fight, but Ward quickly made the necessary adjustments. He outclassed Dawson for the majority of the fight, solidifying his spot as one of the true elite fighters in boxing right now.

While happy with his performance against Dawson, Andre Ward still feels like he’s capable of performing a lot better, and he vows that his best days are ahead of him.

“I am happy I got the knockout in the 10th round instead of the second or third round because I needed to get those rounds under my belt,” Ward said during a recent appearance on ‘The Boxing Lab.’ “I will say this, I don’t think you have seen my best yet. I think I was at 85 percent. I think the best is yet to come.”

Given how imposing Ward looked during his fight against Dawson, finding his next opponent won’t be an easy task.

Ideally a fight against Sergio Martinez would be an good fight for Ward, but it’ll probably have to take place at a catch-weight. Even though a potential Martinez vs. Ward fight would be a rare treat for hardcore boxing fans, it probably wouldn’t bring the casual fans out in droves, making it a high-risk, low-reward fight for both men.

Andre Ward also has his sights set on Kelly Pavlik, but I don’t think that’ll be a competitive fight. Sure, Pavlik has put together four consecutive wins since his loss to Martinez, but his level of competition has been very low. Pavlik has struggled against technically advanced fighters in the past, and he wouldn’t have much of a chance against Ward.

Ward’s best bet would be to move up to the light-heavyweight division, and I’m sure he’ll feel right at home at 175 pounds. After all, he just knocked out the reigning WBC light-heavyweight champion.


Ryan Burton, “Andre Ward: You Saw Me at 85%, Best is Yet To Come

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