Battle of Words Heats Up Between Frank Mir and JDS

Many in the MMA community were disappointed when Alistair Overeem was pulled out of his number one contender bout against Junior dos Santos, after showing elevated testosterone levels in the results of a surprise drug test administered in late April. Frank Mir certainly wasn’t disappointed though, since he’s now scheduled to face dos Santos at UFC 145. The event will take place on May 26 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, NV.

Mir broke Antônio Rodrigo Nogueira’s (dos Santos’ mentor) arm in his last appearance inside the Octagon. He’s not really worried about dos Santos’ BJJ, and he had a stern warning for the Brazilian during the first episode of “UFC 146 Primetime.”

“JDS is a young guy,” Mir said. “If I catch him in a hold and he taps, he lives to fight another day. If I catch him in a hold and he decides not to tap, that limb, is it ever gonna be the same again? I have enough of a history about me now that if you get locked in a hold of mine and you choose not to tap, that’s something you trained for weeks coming into it. You watched my videos, you studied me. If you make that mistake, that’s your fault. … I’m bigger and stronger. One wrong mistake and now he’s in trouble and has to tap or deal with the consequences.”

Junior Dos Santos isn’t really getting sucked into the verbal sparring, and avenging Nogueira’s loss won’t be on his mind when he faces Mir at UFC 146.

“People want to talk about the storyline of revenge or things like that,” dos Santos said. “That’s a non-issue for me. That’s not why I’m there. … For us who know Minotauro, it was really sad to see that. But that has absolutely no bearing on my fight against Frank Mir. I fight because I am a fighter. What I’m there to defend is my belt, is my title. I fight because of my own determination, my desire to win.”

While it isn’t the highly anticipated Overeem vs. dos Santos matchup, I do expect a very competitive title fight at UFC 146. Mir matches up nicely with dos Santos, and he has enough tools in his BJJ arsenal to finish the fight if it goes to the ground.


Sergio Non, “Dos Santos: Revenge a ‘non-issue’ in facing Mir

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