Best Home Gym Equipment: Top-3 Ranking

This ranking of the best home gym equipment looks at the features and build quality of top-tier home-gym setups. The information you get here can help you work out how to get the most out of the money you’re looking to spend. 

We look at three pieces of equipment, starting with the Body-Solid G6BR Bi-Angular home gym. After that, we review the Marcy Smith Cage MD-9010Gworkout machine. Last, we review the Marcy SM5276Smith Cage machine with a weight bar.

Before diving into the ranking, let’s go over the set of metrics that we will use to gauge all three home gyms.

Best home gym equipment ranking: What to look for in home gym equipment

Investing in a home gym is no small thing, and you should aim to get the most out of your equipment. The home gym you buy should check the following boxes:

  • Stable enough to withstand high-speed reps with heavy weights
  • Solid build quality that will see your home gym last for many years
  • A good selection of workstations that supports a wide variety of exercises

These are the qualities that allow you to make the most out of your home gym. We’ll use these metrics to look at the merits of each of the home gym rigs we review in the following sections.

Best home gym equipment (second runner-up): Body Solid G6BR Bi-Angular home gym

best home gym equipment

The G6BR Bi-Angular gym system from Body Solid will take up a lot of space in your exercise room. You need a room that’s at least 7 feet high. This home gym has quite the footprint at nine feet long and six feet wide.

Add to this 547 pounds worth of steel, and you have yourself a solid, stable home gym. This sturdy gym setup lets you do vigorous exercises with up to 210 pounds.

Six exercise stations come with the Body Solid G6BR, namely:

  • Weight station with cast iron plates with a total weight of 210 pounds
  • A leg developer station that attaches to the low pulley of the machine
  • Low-pulley station that allows for exercises like seated rows
  • Mid-pulley station that allows for abdominal crunches and tricep extensions
  • High pulley station for exercises like the lat pulldown
  • A fly press with articulated arms that allow for a broader range of motion

Life with the machine

This home gym takes some time and effort to put together, so get an extra set of hands or a professional installer. You should find your own rubber mat to act as a protective base for your floors. The G6BR Bi-Angular gym system is a low-maintenance machine that only requires periodic lubrication of the pulleys.

Steel cables with swivels at the ends come with little risk of twisting and fraying. Fiberglass-infused nylon pulleys are all but indestructible, and they come with steel ball-bearings for smooth rotation. These, along with the steel frame, allow the manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty for home users.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for the frame and a three-year warranty for parts for light commercial use. You can always add to the weight rack and increase the total weight to 260 pounds. Click here to read more about this home gym.

Marcy MD-9010G Smith Cage workout machine (first-runner up): Not your average smith machine

best training equipment

This all-steel home gym system promises many years of intense, full-body workouts. The frame is plenty stable for home use, but it would be punching above its weight class in a commercial setting.

We start this review by looking at the build quality of the frame. The different frame components are made with hollow steel tubing with a powder-coated finish. This finish makes the frame resistant to corrosion, scuffing, and scratches. The machine is seven feet high, give or take, with a footprint of 7 square feet. You’ll need a good amount of space for the equipment as well as your movements.

Features and exercise stations

You can use this home gym as a rack for your free weight exercises, for starters. It also has a versatile, adjustable bench that you can use for exercises that target both the upper and lower body. These exercises include bench presses at different inclines. Here are the different exercise stations that the MD-9019G offers:

  • Leg developer station with a curl bar and roller pads
  • High pulley and low pulley stations for the upper body
  • Accessories like a lat bar and a set of handles help you add variety to your exercises

This home gym is comfortable in the press and squat positions, and it works fine for upright exercises. However, incredibly tall people will have a limited range of motion with the pulleys. You will also have to buy your own weights, but the pricing of the machine takes this omission into account. Click here to learn more about this home gym.

Best home gym equipment: Marcy SM5276 Smith cage machine with weight bar

best home gym equipment

Consider this Marcy Smith cage home gym an upgrade of the first runner-up. This impressive equipment has a frame of 14-gauge square steel tubing. The steel frame has a finish that makes it resistant to abrasion and rust, which means that this home gym promises years of good looks and solid service.

This home gym combines a Smith machine for your weight exercises and a pull-up bar for your pull-ups. It has different sets of pulleys (high, middle, and low) that allow for various resistance exercises for the torso. A leg developer takes care of exercises that target the legs, core, and lower back.

This home gym’s weight and large footprint make it stable enough to withstand fast-paced, vigorous exercise with heavy weights. High-quality pulleys that connect via steel airplane cables allow this home gym from Marcy to take anything you throw at it. Click here to learn more about this home gym.

Explaining the ranking

The Marcy SM5276 smith machine tops the ranking for best home gym equipment because of its smaller size and versatility. Its larger cousin, the Marcy MD-9010G, comes a close second. 

The Body Solid G6BR Bi-Angular home gym comes third because it lacks a raised frame stabilizer. However, its build quality and versatility earn it a top spot as one of the best home gyms in the market.

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