BJ Penn confirms plans to return to the lightweight division

Former UFC lightweight champion BJ Penn addressed questions regarding the future of his MMA career. After losing his second fight to Frankie Edgar, BJ Penn moved up in weight class to fight former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes. Ever since, many have speculated BJ would be staying permanently at the welterweight division. In a video blog, BJ Penn informed MMA fans about his plans to return to the UFC lightweight division.

When Penn returned to the UFC in 2006, he tasted defeat in his first two fights against Georges St. Pierre and Matt Hughes. Penn went on to capture the lightweight belt, and for a moment seemed to be unstoppable. Unfortunately for BJ Penn, Frankie Edgar took away a lot of his mystique with his upset victory over Penn at UFC 112. The rematch at UFC 118 was just as shocking as their first match. Edgar seemed too quick and too good a wrestler for Penn to deal with. Edgar’s ability to stuff Penn’s attempts at takedowns and keep the fight standing really shocked MMA fans, given the fact that Penn has had so much success against great wrestlers like Matt Hughes in the past.

Whether Penn will be better off in the lightweight division is a matter of opinion. The jump to the welterweight division isn’t a big deal for a fighter like BJ, who once fought Lyoto Machida as a light-heavyweight. On one hand you can argue fighters in the welterweight division won’t be as fast as Frankie Edgar, something that has given BJ problems in their previous encounters.

The fact that a solid number of MMA fans still say BJ Penn won his first fight against Georges St. Pierre, is another reason the welterweight division might be better for BJ Penn. BJ bloodied Georges St. Pierre early in the fight and was able to dominate the striking. The judges ended up giving the decision to GSP, based on takedowns he was able to secure later in the fight. With Matt Hughes and GSP being the only two fighters to defeat BJ Penn at the welterweight division, staying at welterweight might actually be the best thing for his career.


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