Bob Arum on Brandon Rios Vs. Mike Alvarado: “That was Really a Classic, Great Fight”

Top Rank Promoter Bob Arum couldn’t be any happier the entertaining brawl between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado. As far as Arum is concerned, the Rios vs. Alvarado fight is one of the most entertaining battles in boxing history.

“Going in, I figured that it would be a tremendous, tremendous fight because of the styles of the two guys,” Arum said. “Sometimes when you figure that it’s a great fight, it turns out not to be so great. This really exceeded what I really thought. These two guys stood in the center of the ring, they didn’t clinch once and threw every punch they had at each other. And until one guy went down, the referee stopped the fight, you didn’t know who was going to win. At one point, I turned around and said ‘geez, Alvarado is coming on like he’s going to win,’ and then Rios comes on. That was really a classic, great fight.”

I don’t usually argee with Bob Arum, but it’s to deny how enjoyable it was to watch Rios and Alvarado exchange blows. Technique was limited at the event (to be fair, Alvarado tried to box at times, but Rios wasn’t having any of it), but both men landed a significant amount of power punches. Neither man was able to pull away, until Rios finally finished Alvarado in the seventh round, winning via TKO.

With the win, Rios redeemed himself a bit, but I’m not ready to call him the heir apparent. “Bam Bam” looked awesome offensively against Alvarado, but he didn’t really bother with defense. Rios’ next fight will likely be against Manny Pacquiao on April 20, and he’ll probably find himself in a world of trouble if he stands in front of the Filipino congressman.

I personally would rather see a rematch against Mike Alvarado, considering how close their Oct. 13 encounter was.


Rick Reeno, “Arum: Rios-Alvarado Was Definitely Fight of The Year

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