Boxing’s top pound-for-pound fighters

Through Sergio Martinez’s struggles with Martin Murray, and Floyd Mayweather’s climb back to his thrown plus Andre Ward’s absence in recent months – the P4P lists may be do for an update.


1. Floyd Mayweather

The man with the crown: Floyd Mayweather. He is one of the very best of boxing of the last two decades. A defensive genius, a charismatic king of talk AND king of walk. He has a way with words to pain his unmatchable groove in the ring. Few are considerably as good.


2. Juan Manuel Marquez

“Ooooooooooooooooh!” That may be the casual boxing fan’s recollection of the well-assembled career of Juan Manuel Marquez. Make no mistake though, perhaps while his biggest moment was the one punch knockout to Filipino great Manny Pacquiao – Juan Manuel Marquez and his luminous career drives back deep. The big right hand has always been there, and the timing, and the counter-punching ability.


3. Andre Ward

You gotta keep movin’ Andre! No, not in the ring. He does that type of moving more than enough. Andre Ward is only 24 yet he holds easy victories to “Bad” Chad Dawson, Mikkel Kessler, Carl Froch, Edison Miranda, and Arthur Abraham. Due to inactivity in the last eight months with no bouts scheduled – you snooze and you loose. He’ll be back soon enough though – and the fight game’s purists await.


4. Sergio Martinez

He’s an edgy pick. After a hearty Middleweight supremacy assurance and gut check against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr, Sergio Martinez barely tread past Englishman Martin Murray. A masterful body-mover with some of the best angling and accuracy in the game Martinez remains – for now.


5. Wladimir Klitschko

A heavyweight king with an extremely stiff jab and a killer stright right hand Klitschko barely has to work to beat most world-class opponents. It’s not that his opponents are low-par; he is simply too good and is expected to hold his WBA/WBO/IBF/IBO belts until his retirment.


Original article by David King

Rewritten by Corey Quincy

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