Canelo Alvarez Vs Julio Cesar Chavez Jr is Just a Matter of Time

On Sept. 15, two of Mexico’s biggest boxing stars will lace up their gloves, but they won’t be fighting each other. Instead, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will square up against Josesito Lopez, while Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. faces Sergio Martinez.

However, both men seem to have their sights set on one another, and the animosity between the two continues to build. Chavez Jr. fired the first shot, criticizing Alvarez’ decision to fight Lopez during a July interview with He reiterated the same point during a recent interview with ESPN.

Tired of being verbally attacked, Alvarez responded to Chavez’ comments during a conversation with

“I don’t know why he says I’m making my name off him when I never talk about him,” Alvarez said. “He always mentions me everywhere. Simply, he should do his career and I’ll do mine. If one day we face off it will be a different story. But I don’t have him on my mind all the time like he does me.”

Alvarez will be a huge favorite going into his fight against Lopez, and he is expected to emerge victorious. On the other hand, Chavez Jr. will be in for the toughest test in his boxing career when he defends his WBC middleweight title against Martinez in September. He’ll be the underdog for the first time in quite a while, and there’s a very good chance he’ll suffer his first loss as a professional boxer.

If Alvarez and Chavez Jr. emerge victorious on Sept. 15, a fight between the two certainly makes a lot of sense. Alvarez would benefit from Chavez’ ability to sell fights, and the “heir apparent” needs all the fights he can get against legitimate contenders, if he ever wants to be considered one of the great fighters of his time.

Even if Chavez Jr. losses to Martinez, the fight between the two still makes sense. Chavez Jr. will remain a big draw if he loses, and a fight against “Canelo” gives him a chance to redeem himself.


Luis Sandoval, “Canelo Hits Back: Responds To Chavez Jr. Comments

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