Carlos Baldomir Braces for Title Clash Against Marco Antonio Rubio

Carlos Baldomir and Marco Antonio Rubio will square up inside the ring on Sept. 8, for the IBF international middleweight title.

Both men have had their share of highlights over the years, but they’ve also had to deal with some adversity recently.

Rubio’s 10-fight winning streak came to an end during his Feb. 4 bout against Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., and Baldomir has been pretty inconsistent in recent years, losing three of his last eight fights.

“Tata” has some animosity towards Rubio, and the 41 year-old Argentine promises to unleash his frustration on the Mexican, when they meet inside the ring at the Estadio Miguel Celaya in Guanajuato, Mexico.

“Rubio cannot deal with quality fighters,” Carlos Baldomir said. “In Mexico, he’s a monster against bad fighters, but he always crumbles when he faces a fairly good fighter. [Kelly] Pavlik and Chavez Jr. are good examples. I have no fear of facing him at his weight. I know that even at 41-years-old and with the little [time] I have left boxing, I still have enough of an opportunity to beat him. … He says he’s going to knock me out before the eighth but I will not allow him to even reach the second. I’m the better fighter and I’m going to take this belt to Argentina.”

Even though Baldomir is getting close to the end of his professional boxing career, I refuse to count him out against Rubio. For one, he makes a valid point when he says Rubio underperforms against top caliber opponents. Unlike Rubio, Baldomir has had a decent amount of fights against world-class opponents, with wins against the likes of Zab Judah and the late Arturo Gatti (granted that was six-years ago).

Carlos Baldomir is certainly past his prime, but his experience might be enough to get him past Rubio.

However, if Baldomir – who has never been a heavy hitter – decides to trade blows with “El Veneno,” he’ll probably find himself in serious trouble. Rubio’s punching power is well-documented, with 47 of his 54 wins coming via knockout.


Miguel Rivera, “Baldomir Vows To Batter, Knock Marco Antonio Rubio Out

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