Carlos Condit replaces Nick Diaz, facing GSP at UFC 137

Controversial MMA fighter Nick Diaz will no longer be fighting current Ultimate Fighting Championship welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre for his belt at UFC 137. Diaz will now be replaced by tough MMA fighter Carlos Condit, who’ll now face GSP at UFC 137. Condit was originally scheduled to face BJ Penn at UFC 137, before being bumped up to the main event.

Nate Diaz was removed from his scheduled UFC 137 matchup, after failing to appear at back-to-back press conferences.

“Nick Diaz has lost his opportunity at the welterweight championship, and Carlos Condit gets it,” UFC president Dana White angrily told reporters at a press conference. “I’ve had my reservations with Nick Diaz for some time now. We haven’t heard from him. He hasn’t returned my calls. When we brought him in to sign to fight Georges, I told him that all purses he’s ever made up won’t add up to as much as he would make in this fight. But I told him I needed him to do certain things. You have to promote the fight. You have to show up for pressers. You can’t start fights at fights.”

Many MMA fans will probably be disappointed to hear Nick Diaz will no longer be fighting GSP at UFC 137. I don’t usually side with Dana, but Diaz’ behavior definitely justifies the UFC president’s actions. A fight between Condit and GSP at UFC 137 won’t be as big as it would have been with Diaz involved, but it’s probably the best option at this point.

While Condit isn’t as well known as Diaz is among casual fans, the 27 year old MMA fighter is just as dangerous. The MMA fight between the two Greg Jackson students should be very entertaining, and I wouldn’t count Condit out in this one. Condit is a very dangerous striker that can knock any MMA fighter out with one clean shot.

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