Chael Sonnen Accepts Anderson Silva’s Request to Fight in Brazil

The drama between UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen just got even more interesting, thanks to the challenger’s willingness to fight in Brazil. Silva recently indicated he would give Sonnen a shot if he was willing to fight in Brazil and Sonnen surprisingly accepted the challenge.

“I accept Anderson. Brazil it is. Now then, about that meal…,” Sonnen tweeted, barely a week after Silva made the challenge.

UFC fans shouldn’t get ahead of themselves though, given the fact Sonnen has been known to go back on his word. After dominating former US Marine turned MMA fighter Brian Stann at UFC 136, Sonnen called Silva out, saying he would leave the UFC if he lost the rematch (Silva would leave the division if he lost).

Sonnen doesn’t seem to like those stakes any longer, and his willingness to fight Silva in Brazil might also dwindle in time.

Sonnen turned himself to the most controversial UFC fighter in Brazil, thanks to his many insults towards anything Brazilian. While it’s worth nothing Sonnen makes a vast majority of his comments for marketing reasons, there is no question he has crossed the line a few times.

If Sonnen does follow through, the Portland native deserves a lot of credit for accepting the challenge to fight in hostile territory. There is no question Sonnen isn’t exactly a loved figure in Brazil, but saying his life will be in danger in the South-American nation is a little bit of an exaggeration. Life in the “City of God” and life in Brazil today are completely different things, and the chances of anyone even trying to harm Sonnen are pretty low.

Between the UFC security guys and the Brazilian police, I doubt crowd control will be a problem just because Sonnen is in town.

Hopefully with both fighters in agreement, UFC president Dana White will grant the champion his request and set the stage for the highly anticipated rematch.

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