Chael Sonnen Calls Anderson Silva a ‘fake Brazilian’

With a new date and venue set for his rematch against Anderson Silva, UFC veteran Chael Sonnen isn’t slowing down on his verbal attacks against current middleweight champion, Anderson Silva. The two were originally set to meet at a soccer stadium in Brazil, but logistical problems forced the UFC to move the fight. Sonnen and Silva will now meet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV, on July 7, as the main event of the UFC 148 fight card.

With the potential threat of getting abused by Brazilian MMA fans removed, Chael Sonnen remains relentless with his trash-talk, and he had a few more things to say about the UFC’s middleweight champion during an interview with

“I don’t know that I fault him,” Sonnen said about Silva’s reluctance to accept the change of venue. “He was told he would get a fight in Brazil. He, like Wanderlei and like Vitor, pretend to people they’re from Brazil, even though they left over a decade ago. Vitor and Wanderlei live in gated communities in Las Vegas. … It’s just like Anderson. He pretends he’s from Brazil. He pretends he can’t even speak the language, at times. Of course, he bought a $2 million mansion in Beverly Hills out of money he made in North America. The point that I’m getting at, these fake Brazilians – that when it’s convenient claim that country – he wants to fight there? Fine. I get it. He was told the fight was going to be there. So if he’s upset it got moved back to the country that made him famous and rich, that’s up to him. I get it.”

Given the history between Sonnen and Anderson Silva, I certainly thought the UFC’s pound-for-pound champ had earned the right to face his arch nemesis in Brazil. Sonnen taunted Silva leading up to their UFC 117 encounter, and he has extended his insults to everything Brazilian since then.

With the change of venue, the Silva-Sonnen matchup simply won’t be the same, but it should still be an entertaining fight. Regardless of the fact that Sonnen tested positive for PEDs after the fight, or Silva’s supposedly injured ribs, the Oregon native is still the only fighter in the UFC that has ever made Silva look human.


John Morgan, “UFC 148’s Sonnen understands if ‘fake Brazilian’ Silva unhappy…

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