Chael Sonnen Calls Out MMA Media, Defends Alistair Overeem

Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran Chael Sonnen shocked many fans when he came to Alistair Overeem’s defense on the latest episode of “UFC Tonight,” calling out the MMA media for blowing things out of proportion.

“Congratulations to [the] MMA media, right when I think your incompetence can’t get to any higher level, the Alistair Overeem story comes out,” Sonnen said during his segment. “You kids on the interweb, running your little dot-com’s from the couch in your mother’s basement, you beneficiaries of Mark Cuban’s tax write-off, you’ve gone and screwed up the Alistair Overeem case, beyond belief. Is it repairable? I doubt it.”

Sonnen’s comments are particularly surprising, considering the fact he was one of the first MMA fighters to throw shots at the former Strikeforce heavyweight champion, when the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced that the results of his March 27 surprise drug test showed elevated levels of testosterone.

“I’m shocked.. Has the body fat of a tooth brush, looks like the guy on STREET FIGHTER,” Sonnen Tweeted on April 4. “My mind is blown, just blown.”

Sonnen’s comments might be a little hypocritical, but he does bring up a valid point. It might be a little hard for some MMA fans to swallow, but in reality, a fighter showing elevated levels of testosterone in his/her system isn’t necessarily in violation of NSAC’s policies. Testosterone replacement therapy is pretty common in MMA – a lot more than it should be. And fighters are only required to notify NSAC about any such procedures, 20 days prior to their next bout.

With that being said, Overeem hasn’t violated any rules, and he just might end up facing Junior dos Santos at UFC 146 as scheduled. As long as Overeem can provide medical documents explaining his increased levels of testosterone, NSAC officials will be in a tough spot when Overeem stands before them on April 24.


Mike Drahota, “Chael Sonnen: Alistair Overeem did not test positive for anything

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