Chael Sonnen: Good or Bad?

As a result of his excellent performance in his fight with Anderson Silva at UFC 117, Chael Sonnen has been made into one of the biggest villains in mixed martial arts (MMA) today. This is most likely a result of his never ending trash talk and a good deal of special treatment from the UFC.

Oddly enough, Sonnen who is now engaged in coaching on the 17th season of “The Ultimate Fighter opposite mixed martial arts prodigy Jon Jones has mellowed considerably, forcing his biggest critics to reevaluate the way that they look at him.Though most people had anticipated more of the same old Sonnen attitude and antics on TUF 17, the man from known as “The American Gangster” actually changed things up a bit, instead playing the good guy role.

As it turns out, Sonnen makes a committed and caring coach for his students and seems to have no issue revealing his greatest fears to teach them valuable MMA lessons.

Despite an upcoming light-heavyweight title fight on April 27 at UFC 159, Sonnen has been quite civil, even claiming that “Bones” is the best mixed martial arts fighter ever in the UFC’s history — even above and beyond Silva.

A fascinating and somewhat enlightening comment from Sonnen, given that his two own attempts to take the title away from Silva didn’t end very well for him. Sonnen was defeated two times by a person he considers to be second to Jon Jones, so it’s no surprise he ended up taking a beating at UFC 159.


Original article written by David King

Rewritten by Chauncey Kent

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