Chael Sonnen not impressed with Anderson Silva win, claims he’ll win rematch

Apparently, Anderson Silva’s fifth round submission and testing positive in a post fight drug test isn’t enough to shut Chael Sonnen’s mouth up. Chael Sonnen; the only man to ever dominate Anderson Silva in a fight, had more jabs to throw when answering questions from Paul Lazenby, about Anderson’s recent victory over Vitor Belfort.

Sonnen refused to give Anderson any credit, claiming he would end Anderson’s legacy the next time they meet in the octagon. He also hinted that the fight should have been stopped several times during their previous encounter at UFC 117.

Such comments do not come as a surprise coming from Chael Sonnen. He verbally taunted Anderson leading up to their UFC 117 fight, and shocked MMA fans as soon as the fight started. He repeatedly took Silva to the ground, and kept him there for 22 minutes. Unfortunately, his Brazilian Jiu Jitsu wasn’t up to par and Sonnen found himself trapped in a triangle choke.

Sonnen gained a lot of respect after his fight at UFC 117, because he was the first fighter to bully Anderson inside the Octagon. Unfortunately for him, he tested positive in a post-fight drug test. The failed drug test raised questions around what was considered a valiant effort by Sonnen against the MMA pound-for-pound king. His scheduled rematch was handed to Vitor Belfort, and Sonnen seems bitter about the whole situation.

Bottom line, Sonnen is the only fighter to make Anderson Silva look even remotely human. His game plan was solid and he executed to perfection (besides the getting choked out part). While the performance enhancing drug he had in his system probably gave him a little boost, he should be able to produce similar results when completely clean.

Unfortunately for Sonnen, the UFC has bigger plans for Silva, and will probably save Silva for the much anticipated Superfight with Georges St. Pierre. After that, the best matchup for Silva will be a rematch with Sonnen. Maybe Sonnen will swallow his pride and train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu; otherwise he might just suffer the same fate he did last time. While Sonnen might not be the most likable guy in the world, he does have the skills to wear the middleweight belt in the future.


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