Chael Sonnen Picks Dan Henderson to Upset Jon Jones

Ever since UFC veteran, Chael Sonnen, announced his decision to move back to the light-heavyweight division, he’s had some harsh things to say about current 205-pound champion, Jon Jones. The two have been engaged in a Twitter war since then, and it doesn’t look like Sonnen plans to retreat anytime soon.

“I believe in Hendo and so should you,” Sonnen said about Jones’ upcoming title defense against Dan Henderson at UFC 151. “If you look at Jon Jones and think of a man who can beat him, you would think of someone with great KO power, the best chin in the sport because, with his reach, Jones is going to hit you, great wrestling and a relentlessly aggressive style. That man already exists – and his name is Dan Henderson. … Jones is a talented kid but he’s taking on a man, and I’d bet on the man any day of the week.”

Given the fact Henderson and Chael Sonnen are former teammates; it really isn’t surprising the “American Gangster” is supporting his friend.

However, when it comes to predictions, Sonnen’s has a poor track-record, and it’s usually a smart idea to go against his picks. He picked: Yushin Okami to beat Anderson Silva, Brock Lesnar against Alistair Overeem, and Ryan Bader to defeat Lyoto Machida. And we all know how those fights went.

Sonnen obviously has his sights set on a title shot in the light-heavyweight division, and he just might get it if he emerges victorious against Forrest Griffin on Dec. 29. Considering the jabs he’s taken at Jones recently, it’s obvious he expects “Bones” to be the champ when he gets his opportunity.

The Portland native’s antics paved the way for his rematch against Anderson Silva at UFC 148, and I’m sure the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s brass would love to see him take on Jones. “Bones” has accomplished a lot of great things in his short MMA career, but he hasn’t displayed the kind of drawing power one would expect from the youngest champion in UFC history.

Sonnen on the other hand could probably sell sand on a beach, making him the most profitable option for the UFC (and Jones) in the near future.

A Sonnen-Jones matchup is a win-win situation for the Ultimate Fighting Championship, considering the fact it would give them the opportunity to generate UFC 148 type Pay-Per-View numbers, while minimizing the risk to Jones’ legacy.


Damon Martin, “Chael Sonnen Says Jon Jones Is a Talented Kid, but He’s Facing a Man…

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