Chael Sonnen suspended once again

Former UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen has be suspended once again by the California State Athletic Commission. Sonnen’s MMA license was initially suspended by CSAC after his impressive performance against UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva.

During his encounter against Anderson Silva at UFC 117, Sonnen clearly tested the best MMA fighter in the sport, imposing his will convincingly for four and a half rounds. Sonnen’s lack of submission defense came back to haunt him in the fifth and he ended up getting caught in an armbar/triangle combination.

Sonnen lost many of the fans he gained at UFC 117 shortly after, when results of his post-fight drug test came back positive for banned substances. Sonnen refused to come clean about the banned substances and has even been accused of providing false testimony to CSAC. Sonnen’s legal problems were also a factor in CSAC’s decision to suspend the veteran MMA fighter. While speaking on the subject, CSAC Director George Dodd said:

“Chael completed his suspension for the athletic commission just recently, so he still had time on his license here in California, and what we did, we put him on a California State Administrative Suspension for the remainder of his license, until he appeared before the commission. We sent Chael a letter and he’s requested to appear in front of the commission to appeal his suspension. Currently, we have the date of May 18 for next week for his appeal of his current suspension.”

While Chael Sonnen has never been one of my favorites in the sport of MMA, I was actually looking forward to seeing a rematch between the brash fighter and Anderson Silva. Many fans of MMA would like to know if Sonnen is truly as good as he looked at UFC 117.

Right now, things aren’t looking too good for Sonnen and it doesn’t look like the MMA fighter will be entering the Octagon anytime soon. Ironically, it’s Sonnen’s big mouth that made him popular leading up to his fight against Silva and the MMA fighter’s mouth has now created a mess that will take some time to fix.

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