Chael Sonnen on TUF Brazil 3 gig with Wanderlei Silva and a lot more

Chael Sonnen recently opened up about how he found out about his coaching spot on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3. The mixed martial artist also known as “The American Gangster” also covered various other subjects during the 16-minute interview from bare-knuckle fighting, to why he feels Chris Weidman will defeat Anderson Silva at UFC 168.

Apparently, Chael Sonnen still disputes the results of his two fights against Silva, and he’ll love to get a third shot at “The Spider. “

“I don’t accept the outcome of either one of those fights,” Sonnen said. “The first fight would have been stopped 10 different times had the roles been reversed. I hit him 303 times, he hit me 11 times. That means at 10 different times in the fight I hit him 30 unanswered times. That referee would have pulled him off me so fast if that happened once. … In the second fight, I fell down. He didn’t knock me down; they ruled that fight a knockout!”


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