Chael Sonnen Wants Jon Jones, JDS or GSP After Munoz

MMA veteran Chael Sonnen is never short of words, and the brash UFC middleweight had some surprising things to say about his highly anticipated rematch against Anderson Silva. Apparently, Sonnen is no longer interested in a rematch with MMA’s pound-for-pound champion, and his sights are now set on some other UFC title holders.

“I’m done with the guy. He and I have no business,” Sonnen said in an interview with Michael Landsberg. “He’s cold product men. He’s like jheri curls and Pepsi Clear. He’s yesterday’s news. I destroyed this guy back when he was tough. That was years ago. He’s so far over the hill and so far past his prime that it’s not worth talking about…I’m going to become the No. 1 contender on January 28th and despite what you may think, I’m not going to use that voucher to fight Anderson Silva. I’ll be looking at [Jon] Jones, [Junior] dos Santos and possibly [Georges] St. Pierre. I will take that voucher to Dana White and pick one of those three guys. My time with Anderson is done.”

After dominating Silva for the majority of their UFC 117 encounter, Sonnen has been very vocal about getting a rematch. Sonnen has taunted Silva ever since then, and even the champ’s wife hasn’t been spared from the insults.

Sonnen is scheduled to face Mark Munoz at “UFC on Fox 2,” on Jan. 28, and the winner will get the next shot at Silva. Many expect Sonnen to win the fight, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Munoz pulls off the upset.

UFC president Dana White recently compared Sonnen to boxing legend Muhammad Ali, but it is pretty obvious he isn’t anywhere close. Ali’s comments were never short of wit, while Sonnen’s comes off more WWE like.

Sonnen obviously has no business calling out the likes of Jones and JDS, given the fact he has no chance against either man. Sonnen strongest skill set is his wrestling, and his chances against GSP are slim as well.

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