Chavez Jr.’s Camp Responds to Rubio’s Allegations of Foul Play

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. successfully defended his WBC middleweight belt on Feb. 4, defeating Marco Antonio Rubio via unanimous decision. Rubio didn’t take the loss too well, and he accused the Mexican boxer of using performance enhancing drugs after the bout.

Chavez’ co-promoter Fernando Beltran didn’t find Rubio’s allegations funny, and he quickly fired back with his version of events.

“We are very respectful of the regulations of the sanctioning bodies and commissions and for protection of the fighter,” Beltran said. “In the case of Chávez Jr., he didn’t take the doping test because no one from the Texas Athletic Commission asked. At the end of the fight Julio was in his dressing room for 40 minutes after his overwhelming victory getting ready for the post-fight press conference, and after meeting with the media he went to his hotel where he did several interviews in his room with journalists and nobody remembered or asked [about] the anti-doping test.”

While it’s true that neither man was tested after the bout, the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has taken full responsibility for the error.

“The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation did not book the drug testing laboratory for the Top Rank event on February 4, 2012,” The Texas Commission wrote in a statement. “Specimens were taken from [Troy] Lowry and [Vanes] Martirosyan, but in the absence of the independent testing laboratory the integrity of the samples could not be assured and they were destroyed. No further samples were taken. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation regrets this oversight and is addressing the procedure going forward.”

While the whole failure to test saga might seem fishy to some boxing fans, it’s hard to place the blame on Cesar. Chavez was simply the better boxer on Feb. 4.

Chavez’ best option is to put the controversy behind him, and turn his focus towards his next fight. With names like Andy Lee and Sergio Martinez being thrown around as potential opponents, Chavez will need all the focus he can get.

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