Chris Weidman: “I Pose a Lot of Threats to Anderson Silva”

Ever since his complete domination of Mark Munoz at “UFC on Fuel TV 4,” Chris Weidman has been trying to secure a title shot against current middleweight champion, Anderson Silva.

I can’t say I blame “The All American” for feeling confident about his chances against Silva, considering how strong his wrestling looked against Munoz – who is also a competent wrestler by any standard. Weidman’s striking also looked improved against “The Filipino Wrecking Machine,” and he’s clearly one of the most dangerous opponents for “The Spider” right now.

“I’ve been thinking about this fight for three years,” Chris Weidman said during a recent interview. “When anyone would ask me which weight class I plan to compete in, I’d say 185. They’d say, ‘my god, isn’t that Anderson Silva’s weight class? You’re going to get killed. You better switch weight classes now.’ That’s what motivated me. … I’m definitely confident in myself. I’m a bigger guy. I pose a lot of threats to Anderson Silva. … He hasn’t seen a guy like me before – my athletic ability, my wrestling, my jiu-jitsu, my size and my length. In all categories, he hasn’t seen an athlete like me.”

Weidman isn’t well-known by casual MMA fans, and a potential fight against Silva anytime soon wouldn’t generate as much revenue for the UFC (or either fighter) as it would later down the road. It would actually be in Weidman’s best interest to take on a few more top contenders, before trying to test his skills against the sports’ pound-for-pound king. It’ll give him more time to sharpen his skills, and the opportunity to deepen his fan base.

Given what I’ve seen from Chris Weidman so far, he shouldn’t have any problems getting past any of the top-dogs in the UFC’s middleweight division. It’s only a matter of time before he eventually gets a shot at Silva.


Franklin McNeil, “It’s destiny calling for Chris Weidman

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