Conor McGregor crushes Dennis Siver; ready for Jose Aldo title shot?

What would Conor McGregor do for a UFC title shot?

On Sunday night in Boston, “Notorious” McGregor showed that he was ready to break down any barriers — including sensational UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo — if it means the fast rising MMA fighter could achieve greatness.

Rugged German Denis Siver posed no threat to him. He didn’t get in his way whatsoever, and was stopped in round two of a an absolute mow-down.

“Notorious” started the bout in typical Conor McGregor fashion, offering a touch of gloves and instead leaving Siver with only a scurrilous gesture involving his middle finger.

He was ready to fight, and it would be a short night no matter what Siver had planned in retaliation — which was no more than a parried kick or swipe of the fist here and there.

McGregor started the first round in picturesque fashion, stalking Siver and jumping in on any openings available to him. Most notably, Conor lunged in with some wide, spinning kicks to the head and body. The 5’5 ½ Siver was no match on the counter. He landed at will and left Siver without an answer.

The mighty German looked to secure a takedown, but was either repelled by strikes, or simply pushed right off of the Irishman. His technique simply proved inadequate as McGregor bobbed and weaved to avoid shots, and continued busting up the UFC veteran’s face with a ruthless attack.

Lesser men would have remained on their stool after such a round. Siver wasn’t a lesser man, and wanted to give it his all. He was punished for his efforts.

As the fight barely moved past the first minute of round two, a long, fluid straight right hand sent Siver reeling towards the cage. McGregor’s vicious ground n’ pound left the Manheim man curled up, surely wishing he had stayed home that evening.

Herb Dean called the fight at 1:54 of round two. Siver couldn’t defend himself any longer; not that his chances of doing so were any greater from the start.

Before the result was even made official, McGregor hurried from the octagon to confront Jose Aldo at ringside. Security halted his advance, but McGregor couldn’t resist and kept on barking at Aldo from a distance. He wanted to make his distaste towards the champion quite clear.

A fight between Aldo and McGregor is certainly the only one to make at the highest level in the Featherweight division. Both men want to do it, and Conor McGregor is clearly a force to be reckoned with by anyone made to cross his path. Aldo has beaten all who’ve dared challenge him, but “Notorious” McGregor isn’t an ordinary case.

It is likely that the bout will take place sometime this spring, with reporting that Memorial Day weekend, presumably Saturday, May 23, is a possible date for the fight to take place. The blockbuster Pay-Per-View showdown is also probable to take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Whenever and wherever, it will be an unmissable match-up between two explosive fighters. Aldo may have seen it all for himself; being UFC champion. McGregor’s visions projected him landing in this very position as well. At the right time, he’ll get his chance to exact his desires. He’ll get to be more than the flare you see on camera, or the knockouts in the cage.

He wants to become a superstar — a real MMA superstar. The fight with Jose Aldo is his moment of judgment. He’ll be torn from the realities he’s seen thus far. He’ll be forced to face someone with his own set of skills and intangibles. That, in itself, will make this battle a very special one. It will be memorable, and it just might just be McGregor’s time to shine.


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