Dan Hardy Wants Matt Hughes Next

British MMA fighter Dan Hardy will like to get a crack at former UFC welterweight champion Matt Hughes. Hardy apparently isn’t a fan of Hughes, and he wants to settle the bad blood inside the Octagon.

“He’s been on a rough streak as well recently,” Hardy told ESPN. “He’ll look at me and see I’ve lost four fights and think he can outwrestle me. I also genuinely don’t like him. I need a fight to get up for and I’d take great pleasure in smashing him in the face. I won’t talk about why I don’t like him, it’s some knowledge I have about him away from the sport. Even students around where he lives bet against him.”

Hardy is not the first MMA fighter to express his disdain for Hughes, but it is a little shocking that he has decided to call the former champion out. Former UFC welterweight champion Matt Serra expressed his dislike for Hughes during the taping of the sixth season of the “Ultimate Fighter” reality TV series, and it did lead to an entertaining fight when the two eventually met inside the Octagon.

Hardy was once the number one contender in the UFC’s welterweight division, but his current slump has taken him out of the title conversation (four straight losses to Georges St. Pierre, Carlos Condit, Anthony Johnson, and Chris Lytle). A win against Hughes won’t exactly propel him back into contention, and a loss could certainly get him cut from the UFC.

Hughes is currently on a two fight losing streak, but the caliber of fighters he faced has to be considered. A loss against BJ Penn is never something to be ashamed off, and I felt he was winning the fight against Koscheck until he got dropped.

Hughes might not be as sharp as he was in his glory days, but he is still a pretty dangerous welterweight. Given the bad blood between the two, it should be an entertaining fight, and I hope the UFC grants Hardy his wish.

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