Daniel Cormier Says He’s Willing to Fight Jon Jones

Strikeforce Grand Prix winner, Daniel Cormier, is currently set to face Frank Mir in the promotion’s final heavyweight bout, and he seems eager to test himself against a former UFC champion.

“I respect Frank a ton, man,” Cormier said during an interview with MMAFightCorner.com. “I think Frank Mir is one of the greatest heavyweights of all time. I think his record shows that he’s probably one of the most dangerous submission threats that the heavyweight division has ever seen. I respect Frank. I know that it’s an uphill battle for me going into this fight and it’s going to be tough. But you know what? This is why I fight. I fight high level competition and Frank is exactly what I need at this point in my career.”

Regardless of the result of his fight against Mir, Cormier will join the UFC’s heavyweight ranks afterwards, and many expect him to fit in nicely in with the big boys. After all, he’s already secured wins against competent fighters, and he also trains with a former UFC heavyweight champion.

Cormier’s teammate, Cain Velasquez, lost his heavyweight title to Junior dos Santos in 2011, but he earned the right to try and reclaim his title with his total domination of Antonio Silva at UFC 146. He’s now set to face dos Santos later on in the year, and the result of that fight will affect Cormier’s path in the UFC.

Given his close relationship with Velasquez; Daniel Cormier is a little reluctant to fight his teammate. He’s open to dropping down to face current light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, if Velasquez is able to reclaim the heavyweight title on Dec. 29.

“Standing across the cage from that guy would be great for me,” Cormier responded when asked about a potential fight against Jones. “I’d love to do that at some point in my career. Even if I am maybe the Heavyweight Champion and there’s a chance to make a super fight, we could figure something out him and I, because I would not back down from that opportunity.”


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