Facing 32 domestic violence related felony charges, War Machine Attempts Suicide by hanging inside Vegas Jail Cell

Apparently, former Christy Mack boyfriend War Machine attempted suicide inside his Las Vegas jail cell earlier this week. According to TMZ, correctional officers discovered the former UFC and Bellator fighter sitting on the ground with his legs on the bunk bed and a piece of linen tied to the bed around his neck.

War Machine, formerly Jon Koppenhaver, was already purple when authorities discovered him. The linen was quickly cut, ending the suicide attempt. Correctional officers discovered a suicide note inside the cell, but the content remains unknown.

This all came days before Jon’s ex-girlfriend Christy Mack is set to testify against him. War Machine’s lawyer is hoping to secure a favorable plea deal, but the troubled MMA fighter will likely have to do some time given the fact he’s facing 32 felony charges.

War Machine attempting suicide isn’t that surprising considering the fact he’s openly fantasized about the subject on social media.

While many in the MMA community are now all too eager to condemn War Machine to the gulags, we all have some responsibility in this fiasco. It’s was rather apparent the guy had serious issues when he burst into the main stream MMA scene during TUF 6. As it was when he broke down after his fight against Jared Rollins.

Yet, no one cared. We we’re all too busy being entertained.

Promoters didn’t do enough to get him the help he desperately needed, the MMA community failed to put pressure on them, and, most importantly, various athletic commissions failed to protect the fighter.

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