Dos Santos Willing to Fight Overeem If NSAC Clears Him

When news broke out that Alistair Overeem had failed a surprise drug test administered on March 27, many immediately jumped to the conclusion that his scheduled UFC 146 bout against current heavyweight champion, Junior dos Santos, would eventually be cancelled.

However, that might not be the case, as theories are already being propagated on how Overeem can beat the test results. For one, Overeem can claim he was medically advised to undergo testosterone replacement therapy. And that defense might just work; given the fact the Nevada State Athletic Commission’s therapeutic use exemption policy only requires fighters to disclose such information 20 days prior to their scheduled bout.

The fact that Overeem stalled before submitting mandated samples prior to his UFC 141 bout against Brock Lesnar certainly doesn’t help things, but I won’t completely count him out just yet.

Dos Santos has also realized he just might end up facing Overeem at UFC 146, and he shared his thoughts on the situation during an interview with

“If the fight happens, I will fight with pleasure,” Dos Santos said. “But I can say that if it is proven, the use of illegal substances is a disrespect to the sport and something unfair to me. If the athletic commission and the UFC want, I’ll fight him. I am a fighter and will be there to fight, but it is sure to be a disrespect to MMA and how serious is this sport. … We want to know who the best really. No use to be the best liar.”

It’s pretty easy to understand where dos Santos is coming from, and he also made a valid point during the interview when he called for Olympic style drug testing in MMA. OSDT will certainly go a long way in cleaning out the sport, but the problem also lies in the various sanctioning bodies. As long as the many loopholes remain for fighters to abuse testosterone, I just can’t see the problem going away.

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