Fedor loses again, what’s next for the MMA legend?

Antonio Silva looked impressive against the great Fedor Emelianenko, seemingly unimpressed with the MMA legend’s reputation. Right from the start, it was rather obvious Antonio Silva had no intentions of running away from Fedor. Silva stood his ground and was happy to trade punches with the Russian fighter.

Silva came out really intelligently in the second round and immediately took Fedor to the ground. The size difference was too much for Fedor to deal with, and all his attempts to escape failed. Silva gained the mount position, and rained heavy punches on the Russian’s head. After the second round, the fight was stopped due to Fedor’s right eye completely closing up. Something that probably came as a relief for Fedor and his fans; Antonio Silva had be so dominant that there wasn’t any point letting Fedor take further punishment. In all honesty, the fight should have been stopped in the 2nd round, since there were several times Fedor looked completely defenseless.

After the loss, Fedor looked drained. He announced to the crowd, he would have to contemplate retirement. He seemed very honest in his post-fight interview, refusing to make any excuses and giving Silva his due credit. Retirement might be a good option for Fedor, as he will probably have problems dealing with the likes of Antonio Silva and other big heavyweights in the future. While he truly is the best heavyweight to ever compete in MMA, the reality is that Fedor is more suited at light-heavyweight now, given the massive sizes of the new breed of heavyweights.

It would be awesome if Fedor continues his fighting career. There are still many good match-ups for him, and Strikeforce just needs to make sure he’s not getting matched up with guys 40 pounds bigger than he is. There are still many solid fights out there for Fedor that will be well received by fans.

Regardless of his decision, Fedor has nothing to be ashamed of. With his record currently 31-3, his legacy has already been clearly established. Only a few MMA fighters like Anderson Silva and Georges St-Pierre, can boast of accomplishing the type of feats Fedor has.

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