Five guys boxing fans want to see Floyd Mayweather face next

Floyd Mayweather remains the pound for pound boxing king. A boxing legend with an unmatched defensive skillset, he is coming off a lopsided clinic of former multiple division champion Robert Guerrero on May 5th.

While there are few who seem to have the ability to derail the greatest boxer on the planet, these are the four with the greatest chance in such.


1. Saul Alvarez

A red-headed Mexican slugger and the unified WBC/WBA Junior Middleweight champion, Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez is considered one of the top opponents for the excessively dominant Mayweather.

Alvarez is beginning to patch some flaws in his game – including his lack of lateral movement and defensive game. Alvarez is practicing better use of the jab and his lateral movement is speaking levels. As he moves into his mid-twenties “Canelo” has become more than a hype-job, alegitimate and undisputed world champion.


2. Sergio Martinez

Martinez, a 38 year old technical mastermind is a challenge for any fighter. A bouncy, fast and deceitful fighter he is difficult to catch off guard. Coming off a very difficult fight against British contender Martin Murray, Martinez may be ripe for the picking.


3. Juan Manuel Marquez

Despite suffering a 2009 defeat to Mayweather, Marquez recently battled past Pinoy sensation Manny Pacquiao with a thumping sixth-round knockout. Although a rather oblique fight in favor of Mayweather – The big win to Pacquiao sends in some marketability and the illusion Marquez could beat Mayweather on paper.


4. Manny Pacquiao

The fight of the 21st century. Fans have begged for this fight for a decade – Pound-for-Pound ring-kings have been asked “Do you want Pacquiao next? How about Floyd Mayweather?” at nearly every post-fight.

Pacquiao is a stylistically cracking southpaw with unconventional work flow and phenomenal punch placing and accuracy. In his prime, that is. Now? It may not be as much of a throwdown.


5. Timothy Bradley

The first man to “upset” Pacquiao in almost a decade. It was a mind boggling decision by blinded judges. One judge, Duane Ford, said Bradley gave Pacquiao “a boxing lesson”. When every fan, media type or pundit said otherwise. Bradley still boxed well behind his jab – he has world-class ability at all angles.

So, Will these fights happen? Promotional disputes, issues with locations and fighter preference can easily burst your bubble – But nobody will stop you from hoping.


Original article by David King

Rewritten by Corey Quincy

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