Floyd Mayweather Found Not Guilty in Harassment Case

Controversial boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. (42-0) was found not guilty of harassment charges stemming from an October 2010 altercation involving the undefeated prize-fighter and two security guards outside his $9.5 million home in Las Vegas, Nevada.

According to the two security guards, Miguel Burgos and Aaron Ryan, Mayweather cursed them out upon discovering tickets on some of his vehicles. Burgos also said Mayweather threatened their lives during the altercation, saying the WBC welterweight champion told them, “My homies have guns, if you want me to call them, they’d come over here and take care of you.”

Justice of the peace Diana Sullivan didn’t really buy into to the story that the security guards were under any serious threat, saying, “Nowhere in their statements [taken right after the incident] does it say that they were in reasonable fear for their safety.”

Sullivan’s “not guilty” verdict isn’t really that shocking, given the circumstances surrounding the case. The security guards were both carrying firearms and they only decided to press charges after a week had passed (even though they had been asked about pressing charges when the incident occurred).

Mayweather’s lawyer Richard Wright was confident the case wouldn’t have made it to court if his client wasn’t a celebrity.

“If this wasn’t Floyd Mayweather, we wouldn’t have been in court,” Wright told reporters after the verdict. “Any other case would have [been] resolved with an offer of an apology and a handshake.”

While I’m pretty sure Mayweather gave the security guards an earful after discovering tickets on his cars, the court definitely made the right decision in this case. A less rational court might have fed into the celebrity frenzy even though the case doesn’t really hold water.

Mayweather is certainly not a saint, but I have a hard time believing he threatened the lives of the two security guards over a few parking tickets. Mayweather’s next court case will be on Nov. 4, regarding a separate incident with another security guard at his residence over parking tickets. This time around, Mayweather is accused of poking the security guard with his fingertips.

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