Floyd Mayweather Jr. lashes out at De La Hoya

Undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. had some harsh words for Oscar De La Hoya on Sept.4. Mayweather’s attack on De La Hoya was in response to the Mexican fighter’s dig at golf player Tiger Woods during his recent interview with Univision.

De La Hoya, who admitted to cocaine and alcohol abuse as well as being unfaithful to his wife on multiple occasions, tried to use Wood’s past behavior to distract from his.

“We are obviously not talking a Tiger Woods here, but I was unfaithful,” De La Hoya replied when asked about his extramarital affairs.

Mayweather who will be facing De La Hoya backed David Ortiz on Sept. 17, quickly called the “Golden Boy” out on his statement.

“De La Hoya is a drug user, dresses like a drag, committed adultery and drinks alcohol and Ortiz looks up to this guy,” Mayweather tweeted. “And I don’t appreciate how Oscar tried to down my brother Tiger Woods.”

Mayweather probably isn’t alone in his feelings towards De La Hoya right now. While De La Hoya was smart to come clean about some of his past mistakes, he would have been better off leaving Tiger’s name out of the process. By comparing himself to Woods the way he did, De La Hoya was trying to infer that his drug and alcohol abuse wasn’t as bad as Tiger’s infidelity. De La Hoya’s behavior is no different from a heroin addict who says, “Well at least I’m not on crack.”

Even though De La Hoya is usually smooth when it comes to media related matters, he definitely blew his interview with Univision. Boxing fans are now talking about De La Hoya’s decision to drag Tiger into his problems, instead of the 38 year olds battle against drug and alcohol abuse. It will be interesting to see how Floyd and De La Hoya interact with one another, as Mayweather vs. Ortiz approaches.

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