Floyd Mayweather Still Wants Manny Pacquiao

Floyd “Money” Mayweather hasn’t been as vocal ever since his release from the Clark County Detention Center, but he opened up during a recent appearance on Hot97 FM NY.

It’s obvious Mayweather’s two-month stint behind bars changed him for the better.

“It really wasn’t the mansion,” Mayweather responded when asked about how good it felt to be back in his private residence. “My freedom was more important than anything. I think sometimes when we’re out here in the world; the American mentality is ‘I wanna be rich.’ But once you freedom is gone, you don’t care about money, you just want your freedom. You just want to see a tree, walk through a park.”

Floyd Mayweather is still open to the possibility of a super-fight against former WBO welterweight champion, Manny Pacquiao, and his demands remain the same as they’ve been for years.

“I don’t have any hate towards Manny Pacquiao, you know,” Mayweather said. “I respect him, but I’m just saying, it’s [asking for OSDT] not a crime. I’m also saying, I’ma do random blood and urine testing, you know, just so I can be in a clean sport. That’s all I’m asking.”

As far as a 50/50 split is concerned, Pacquiao might as well forget about that.

“Actually, we don’t do the same type of numbers, so how can we split? We don’t draw the same type of money,” Mayweather added.

“Money” is indeed the bigger draw, so it’s not surprising that he expects to get a bigger cut than the Filipino congressman if the two ever meet. Given Manny’s controversial loss against Timothy Bradley on June 9 – and his lackluster performance against Juan Manuel Marquez in 2011, he’ll have a hard time trying to counter that argument.

Pacquiao is still trying to figure out who his next opponent will be, constantly shifting back and forth between Timothy Bradley and Marquez. Miguel Cotto’s name has also been mentioned a few times.

At this point in his career, Pacquiao has nothing to lose by facing Mayweather, so the next round of negotiations might be a little smoother. As long as Pacquiao is willing to swallow his pride, we just might get to see the highly anticipated super-fight.


Ben Thompson, “Floyd Mayweather: ‘If I do fight again, I’ll fight whoever they…’

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