Floyd Mayweather Wants Adrien Broner to Fight on May 4 Card

WBC lightweight champion, Adrien Broner, is on pace to become the next Floyd Mayweather, and it seems like the two might be joining forces soon.

Mayweather plans to fight a yet to be determined opponent on May 4, and he recently stated he’d love to get Broner on the undercard.

“May 4th is my date and he’s going on the undercard,” Mayweather said, per FightHype.com. “We’re going to give him a little bit of the 24/7 so y’all can get a chance to go behind the scenes and see how Adrien Broner really lives.”

Broner often refers to Floyd as his “big brother,” so it’s not that surprising that “Money” has decided to take him under his wing. It’s also a smart business move, as Mayweather and Broner on the same card will be too hard for many boxing fans to resist, especially if Floyd decides to fight Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

Broner is obviously happy about the support he’s getting from Floyd Mayweather.

“Hey, hey, hey, I don’t know,” Broner said. “He said it. I didn’t say it, so I can’t really make no assumptions about that, but you know, it is what it is.”

Broner looked awesome during his last outing against Antonio DeMarco, outclassing the Mexican before finally putting him away in the eighth round. At this point, it’s hard to deny the fact that Broner is arguably the most promising rising star in boxing right now, and I can’t see any of the lightweights around giving him any problems inside the ring.

I guess you can think of Broner as a younger version of Floyd Mayweather with a lot more power behind his punches.

A little 24/7 exposure never hurt anyone, and it should make for entertaining TV. Between Mayweather’s antics and Broner’s rap aspirations, fans will have a lot to talk, and it would be nice to see boxing’s present and future fight on the same card.

David is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing practitioner who has watched and studied MMA for the past 7 years. Follow him on Twitter @davidkingwriter and check out his blog.


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