Former IBCA Champion Art Jimmerson Calls Out Kimbo Slice

Former IBCA light-heavyweight champion Art Jimmerson (33-18-0) would like to get a shot at former MMA fighter turned professional boxer Kimbo Slice (2-0-0). Like Kimbo, Jimmerson has also been inside the Octagon, losing to Royce Gracie in the very first UFC event. Now 48 years old, Jimmerson hasn’t laced up his gloves in over eight years, but he’s pretty confident he’ll be able to handle Kimbo.

“Kimbo, I dare you,” Jimmerson said in an interview with Ariel Helwani. “Right now, I want you and if you give me a chance to redeem myself as far as boxing… You can’t beat a real boxer. You can’t. I mean, right now, I respect you as an MMA fighter before but boxing… night and day. I’ve been there, I’ve done that and I’ve tried MMA, I failed. So now you’re in my ring. In my ring, I can’t be beat. I don’t care if it’s Royce Gracie or Kimbo Slice. It’s been a few years (since my last boxing match) but you gotta understand I’m in the gym every day… I don’t see him lasting three rounds with me. I want it to happen right now, me and Kimbo Slice. I’m calling him out.”

Jimmerson did have a relatively successful boxing career, but it’s a little shocking to see the former Golden Glove champion call Kimbo out after being away from the ring for so long. Jimmerson struggled towards the end of his boxing career, losing his last nine fights — eight by TKO or KO — as a professional boxer.

Even though Kimbo is still a newbie in the sport of boxing, he shouldn’t have any problems against Jimmerson right now. Jimmerson might have the better understanding of the sweet science, but his age — not to mention the damage he has taken over the years — will be a huge factor in a boxing match between the two.

By calling out Kimbo, Jimmerson might have just bitten off more than he can chew, and I hope for his sake Kimbo doesn’t accept the fight. Kimbo might be raw, but he still has a lot of power in those big right hooks.

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