Freddie Roach Opens Up About Amir Khan’s Decision to Seek Other Trainers

Ever since his July 14 loss to undefeated Danny Garcia, Amir Khan, has been vocal about the fact that he doesn’t feel like he’s getting all the attention he needs from Freddie Roach, and it looks like he’s already figured out who he’ll be training with next. He plans to reveal his decision next week.

With their relationship seemingly coming to an end, Roach is finally speaking out about the situation.

“They [Amir’s camp] told me this — and this is pretty good — they told me if I make Amir number one, and get rid of Manny [Pacquiao] and [Julio Cesar] Chavez [Jr.], they will still come back to me,” Freddie Roach said during a conversation with “[They said] if we’re number one and you get rid of Manny and Chavez, we’ll stay with you. I told them ‘I can’t do that.’ They asked me that question face to face and on the phone.”

Amir Khan has indicated in the past that he feels Pacquiao gets a lot more attention from Roach than he does, but I’m still surprised by Roach’s version of events. Asking Roach to get rid of his two best pupils in order to accommodate Khan isn’t a reasonable request, and it isn’t surprising the well-respected trainer decided to turn down the offer.

However, I do feel that changing trainers is the best move for Amir at this point in his career, considering the fact he needs to tighten up his defense. Even though Roach is one of the best boxing trainers around right now, his fighters aren’t known for their defensive prowess, and the soft-chinned Brit will be better off working with a trainer who can teach him how to avoid taking big shots inside the ring.

They’re certainly a handful of trainers out there who can help Khan evolve into a better fighter.

If Amir Khan ever learns how to properly use his range, he just might become a legitimate contender someday. However, Amir’s poor mental focus has been a part of his problems inside the ring, and that’s something he’ll need to fix by himself.


Rick Reeno, “Roach: Team Khan Asked Me To Dump Pacquiao, Chavez

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