Freddy Roach Admits Pacquiao Will Have a Hard Time Against Mayweather

A new addition to the International Boxing Hall of Fame, boxing trainer Freddie Roach made a very honest assessment of a potential fight between his number one student Manny Pacquiao and the pound-for-pound best boxer in the world, Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“Very difficult fight,” Roach told Radio show 590 about the potential super-fight. “He [Mayweather] is a good counter-puncher and his style does give us trouble. He does have some Marquez similarities but he’s actually a lot faster than Marquez so he does pose a bigger problem. Manny, in his last fight, he kinda fell back into the realm when he fought this guy the first two times. He didn’t use the improvements he’s been working on to beat these bigger and better guys. He kinda went right back to what he did in the first two fights. That wasn’t enough and that wasn’t really effective. I think Mayweather will bring out the best in Manny. It’s gonna have to because if not we’re not gonna be there in the end.”

Mayweather has been trying to secure a May 5, 2012, fight against Pacquiao, but negotiations don’t seem to be going too well. With both sides finally in agreement about the blood testing issue, it’s a little shocking that negotiations are going so poorly.

Boxing fans have waited years for the super-fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao, with many accusing Floyd of ducking the challenge. Mayweather answered those critics when he reserved the MGM Grand Garden Arena, prior to Pacquiao’s third fight against Juan Manuel Marquez on Nov. 12, and the ball is now in the Filipino boxer’s court.

For Mayweather, there’s no backing out now, since he’s the one that picked the May 5, date.

Without a doubt, Mayweather will be Pacquiao’s biggest test and I’m a little shocked Manny hasn’t been more vocal about the fight. Pacquiao did indicate he wants to fight Mayweather, but his actions haven’t matched his words.

If Manny really wants the fight, I’m sure he can figure out a way to bring Bob Arum on board.

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