GSP might be willing to face Anderson Silva under the right circumstances

Georges St. Pierre, UFC welterweight champion was dignified as is typical during a recent episode of “UFC Connected,” where he kindly acknowledged Anderson Silva, UFC’s middleweight champion as the all-time greatest competitor in UFC history.

Georges seemed to be more open to the idea of a matchup between himself and Silva, the Brazilian mixed martial arts (MMA) legend, so long as he’s afforded the time to bulk up for it.

It’s difficult to blame GSP for his reasoning, considering that Anderson was previously a contender in the light-heavyweight division. Anderson had little trouble, weighing in at 205 lb. he KO’d James Irvin in his first light-heavyweight match. This continued in his even more impressive second fight, easily KO’ing the former UFC light-heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin.

Silva maintains a healthy advantage over those facing him, making it foolish for GSP to allow him the size advantage as well. Despite even the best preparation on GSP’s part he’ll still find himself at a disadvantage against Silva.

Though the majority of MMA fans are pulling for this fight to happen, it’s unlikely that it will, given that it would favor Silva and would be unfair to GSP. Besides GSP may at one point exceed Silva’s record of nine title defenses in the UFC and I doubt if Dana White is willing to give up the Canadian 170-pound chanp.


Original article written by David King

Rewritten by Chauncey Kent

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