GSP says Chris Weidman will dethrone Anderson Silva

All the clamor, of late by the fans of MMA to see a super fight between GSP and Silva may end up being a moot point assuming things happen as GSP is predicting they will at UFC 162.

“Chris Weidman is my friend, and I see him in training. I believe he’s going to beat Anderson Silva,” said St. Pierre to a reporter for SportsNet.

GSP seems to have enjoyed himself to such an extent during the talk that he even went so far as to hint that Anderson Silva may have been more receptive to the fight with Weidman because of Weidman’s recent injury and subsequent recovery.

It turns out that GSP is among many in his assessment of how the Silva vs. Weidman matchup will likely play out on July 6th. The “odds makers” also seem to be predicting that Weidman will provide a significantly challenging fight for Silva during their matchup giving him a +225 to Silva’s -305.Whether this is a result of confidence in the young upstart or an attempt to make money is unclear, but either way it will serve as a much needed vote of confidence for Weidman.

Though it’s a fact that no matchup can truly be predicted, it still seems unlikely that Weidman will defeat Silva on July 6th at the MGM Grand. While Weidman’s performance against Mark Munoz at UFC on Fuel TV 4 was quite impressive, it’s not as though Silva has never dealt with a grappler before. Weidman is good enough that he’ll likely get Silva on the canvas, but his options seem limited from there.

There’s also the fact that Silva has an advantage when it comes to striking over “The All-American” that will likely prove to be a challenging obstacle to overcome at UFC 162.

Original story by David King
Rewritten by Chauncey Kent

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