GSP warming up to Anderson Silva fight under proper conditions

UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre was classy as usual in a recent appearance on “UFC Connected,” respectfully acknowledging middleweight champ Anderson Silva as the greatest MMA fighter in the promotion’s history.

Georges seemed to have opened up a bit more on the subject of a potential fight against Silva, saying he would fight the Brazilian MMA legend if given enough time to bulk up.

“For me to go up in weight class, I need to consider a lot of things,” GSP said. “Putting on or losing too much weight, for me, is very hard. I’m always about the same size, I’ve got an ectomorph type physique. I could [put on the weight to fight Silva]; it just depends on the amount of time I have to do it. If I do it, I have to do it well, it takes time. But, if the UFC is willing to give me the time to do so, and not make me fight during that period of time, and also not make him fight during that period of time, because if he fights and something happens, you know he loses and now he’s not invincible, everything goes out the window.”

It hard to find anything wrong with GSP’s stance, given the fact Anderson has already fought as a light-heavyweight. Anderson didn’t struggle either at 205 pounds, knocking out James Irvin in his light-heavyweight debut. Anderson was even more impressive in his next MMA fight at 205, knocking out former UFC light-heavyweight champion Forrest Griffin with ease.

Silva already has many advantages over any MMA fighter that faces him inside the Octagon, and GSP would be foolish to give him the size advantage as well. Even with GSP properly bulking up for the MMA fight, he’ll still be at a disadvantage against Silva.

While many MMA fans would love to see this fight, I doubt it will ever happen. The fight clearly favors Silva, and it wouldn’t be fair to GSP. GSP might one day surpass Silva’s impressive nine title defenses in the UFC, and I’m not sure Dana White is willing to sacrifice the Canadian MMA fighter.

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