Henderson Feels Edgar Deserves a Rematch: Fan Reaction

Many MMA fans have been talking about a Ben Henderson-Anthony Pettis rematch ever since UFC 144, but the new Ultimate Fighting Championship lightweight champ isn’t one of them.

Henderson will rather do the right thing. And give former champion Frankie Edgar his much deserved rematch. Henderson captured the lightweight title at UFC 144, after a closely contested bout with Edgar.

“Frankie had a very tough situation,” Henderson said on the MMA Hour. “He had a rough road with two rematches right away after his title defenses. So the fan in me feels that he deserves [the rematch]. He had to put himself on the line, I don’t want anybody coming back to me and saying ‘oh, Henderson didn’t want to rematch Frankie because he was scared.’… I’m more than willing to give Frankie a rematch. Let’s do it. Set it up for tomorrow.”

Given how close the UFC 144 encounter between Henderson and Edgar was, it’s shocking to see how so many MMA fans are willing to overlook the former champion. It wasn’t as if Edgar looked bad against Henderson, yet, many are ready to relegate him to the featherweight division.

Edgar vows to continue his fight for a rematch, and he’s made it clear he won’t be happy with anything less.

“I’m saying it, and I’m saying it loud: I want my rematch,” Edgar said earlier episode of the MMA hour. “I’m not going to have these antics or play these games. I’m telling you want I want. This is what I want. I think it’s fair. I think the fans want to see it. It was fight of the night. Listen, even if these guys want to see me get beat up, I do get beat up in a lot of my fights, even in the fights I win, so it’s win-win for everybody.”

If there one fighter in the UFC that deserves a rematch, it’s clearly Edgar. After defeating BJ Penn (arguably the best lightweight in the promotion’s history) at UFC 112, Edgar had no problems putting his belt on the line four months later. Edgar also gave Gray Maynard a rematch after their gruesome UFC 125 encounter.

Edgar wants a rematch, Henderson is game, denying him a rematch now is nothing short of disrespectful.

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