IBF Rules in Favor of Lamont Peterson

Lamont Peterson took a lot of heat for failing a drug test prior to his rematch against Amir Khan, but he recently got some vindication from the International Boxing Federation (IBF). Even though the World Boxing Association (WBA) stripped Peterson of his super world light welterweight title, the IBF ruled in the Washington D.C. native’s favor, allowing him to keep the light welterweight title.

“After concluding the review of all the documentation provided by Peterson’s camp and the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the physician [contracted by the IBF] determined that the testosterone levels noted in the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association report are consistent with the therapeutic use of the hormone and not for the purpose of performance enhancement,” the IBF concluded in a recent statement.

Peterson will now have to defend his IBF title against Zab Judah – who is the mandatory challenger – later on in the year.

Lamont is obviously thrilled with the fact that he gets to keep one of the two belts he won by beating Khan in 2011, and he seems eager to get back inside the ring.

“I’m thankful, and I’m thrilled with the IBF’s decision,” Peterson said. “I want to thank my manager, Barry Hunter, for all of his support throughout this ordeal. There were a lot of naysayers out there, but Barry and the rest of my team never doubted me. My team fought non-stop to ensure that I was cleared. … I wanted to thank my fans for all of their support during the past few months. I’m excited to get back in the ring. I feel great and I’m ready to fight.”

With a 30-1 professional boxing record, Peterson should be able to put the whole controversy behind him, and his fight against Judah does have the potential to be quite entertaining. I’m not the biggest fan of the whole testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) trend, but it’s good to know that Peterson’s testosterone levels were within the norm.


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