Interview: Andrew Punshon Talks About Upcoming BAMMA 10 Clash Against Jack Marshman

British MMA fighter Andrew Punshon has finished three of his last four opponents in 70 seconds or less, and he hopes to add another impressive victory to his resume when he challenges Jack Marshman for the British middleweight title at BAMMA 10. The event will take place on Sept. 15, at the Wembley Arena in London, England.

I recently caught up with Punshon, to talk about his upcoming fight against Marshman.

David: How’s training camp going?

Andrew: Training camp has been going unbelievably really. No injuries… The weight is where it should be. Everything’s really good to be honest. Best training camp I’ve been so far. There’s still five weeks to go, and it keeps getting better.

David: What’s a typical day of training like for you?

Andrew: Each day if different. Today I’m gonna do some BJJ at the gym, but each day is different mate. Monday is gonna be MMA and sparring. Tuesdays are for strength and conditioning, Wednesdays, MMA and sparring. Thursday is BJJ, Friday is boxing, Saturdays it’s wrestling, BJJ, and strength and conditioning.

David: Speaking of BJJ, do you train with the gi?

Andrew: I’ve just started recently doing gi work with Phil De Fries of the UFC.

David: What belt are you?

Andrew: I’ve basically just stated doing jujitsu, so I’m not belted yet. I’ve only been doing it for like a month.

David: Wow, I can’t believe you’re technically a white belt, considering the fact most of your wins are via submission (9 out of 11 victories).

Andrew: To be honest, I think it’s just people putting themselves in bad situations when you punch them in the face. Pretty much give you the sub… I prefer to stand up, but it’s just one of those things that MMA is a crazy sport, the subs have been there so I took them. But I’m trying to tighten my game up all together really.

David: What do you think about Marshman?

Andrew: Jack’s a really good fighter. He’s a good boxer; he’s good at what he does. He’s a tough guy really, that’s why I want to fight him. I’m looking forward to it.

David: How do you think the fight will go? Do you think you’ll be able to tap him out?

Andrew: I’m not looking for any [specific] way to win the fight. Tap out, knockout, stoppage, whatever. As long as I come out with a win, I’m happy. … I don’t really have a precise game-plan for him, just go out there and do my thing.

David: What are your plans for the future? Would you like to fight in the UFC?

Andrew: That’s my dream; I want to be in the UFC. I’m hoping it’s gonna be sooner rather than later. I’m 27 now. Things are starting to look up now. Obviously I’m getting bigger fights in BAMMA. And I’m hoping the next step will be the UFC. As long as I’m winning all my fights, I can’t see why not.

David: Is there anything else you want to get out there?

Andrew: Just a shout-out to my sponsors: Revgear, Fightstore, Extreme Nutrition, Cage Fight Management, and Funky Gums.


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David is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and boxing practitioner who has watched and studied MMA for the past 9 years. Send him your questions @davidkingwriter.


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